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November 2023

I will be participating in the CQ World Wide CW Contest from The Seychelles as S79K with GD4XUM, G4PVM and G3WPH. Before and after the contest I hope to be active as S79IRN.

July 2023

I was invited to attend the World Radio Teamsport Championships  (WRTC ) in Italy. I have written about my experience here.

June 2023

I participated in the RSGB National Field Day (NFD), I have written about the event here.

December 2022

I have now received a short contest call-sign : M5S 

May 2022

Brian ZL3XDJ has put a video of our 20m QSO here:

January 2022

I have made some measurements of latency over a 4G link for remote station control. The findings can be found <here>.

November 2021

I now rent  some land about 5 miles from home and have started building a station there. Current station is an Elecraft K3, Expert 1.3K amplifier and Butternut HF2V, all controlled over the 4G network.

I will be operating  on November 27th/28th with G3NKC, G4BVY and GD4XUM in CQ World Wide CW in a Multi operator/Two transmitter entry, callsign MD4K from the Isle of Man,

June 2021

There has been some activity from the new QTH with temporary antennas. I am now actively searching to buy or rent land for a remote station.

I've added a new page - the Public Houses of Shrewsbury town. They need all the support we can give them.

November 2020

I have recently moved QTH to Shropshire and will not be on the air much over the coming months.  I will attempt to get on the air from time to time for various contests.

20th July 2019

I am now active on the 60m band using an IC-7300 with 100 Watts output into a modified Butternut HF2V.  Nice to see some activitiy on there, especially on CW where some nice conversational QSOs can be had. 

15th July 2019

I now have confirmation from two others to join a Multi/1 team for the ARRL DX Contest next February.  Myself, Ned AA7A and Lee KY7M will form the team, operating from TI7W in Costa Rica.

15th April 2019

I have now bookd a property in Madeira at the end of November 2019 to participate in the CQWW DX CW contest. I hope to have use of a  short sign during the contet.