QTH from November 2020

Worked All Britain (WAB) square: SJ20; Grid Locator QRA: IO82np IOTA: Eu-005 Great Britain mainland; CQ Zone: 14; ITU Zone: 27.

Plealey, near Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

The picture below was taken in November 2020 during the CQ WW CW contest.

QTH From December 2000 to November 2020

Worked All Britain (WAB) square: TQ16; Grid Locator QRA: IO91UJ; IOTA: Eu-005 Great Britain mainland; CQ Zone: 14; ITU Zone: 27.

My station was located near the historical village of Thames Ditton in Surrey. It is a built up area, with many of the residents commuting into London every day for work. Indeed, nearby rail station in Surbiton is one of the busiest commuter stations in the UK.

Space was at a premium, hence I only had a small back-garden for antennas. Fortunately, the ground is of high conductivity clay and vertical antennas work well here.

View of shack

The G4IRN shack with K3 transceiver and DX4Win logging.

View of back garden and stealth antennas

Can you see the Butternut HF2V, the Cushcraft R5 and the Wellbrook RX Loop antennas?

QTH from September 1981 to July 1983

I was resident at the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) College of Telecommunications Engineering in Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.

There were several training establishments in the park - BT and Government Communications being two others.

The NATS training block is now partially occupied by the RSGB's National Radio Centre.

There is a small radio shack where I kept my TS-520SE, there was a 160m dipole on the roof where the RSGB's SteppIR antenna is now mounted.

QTH from September 1979 to September 1981

The station was located in the family home in Stretford, Manchster.