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Remote Rig 1274A - Control Side Audio/CAT transfer for travelling

The 1274A replaces the 'control' side

As a complement to the hardware based Remoterig system there is also a PC-based client software which can be used instead of the RRC-1258 at the control side. This is convenient for those who travel and  want to remote control the radio from a laptop from many different places.

When using the RRC-Micro the only hardware needed at control side besides the PC is the RRC-Micro USB Dongle/PTT box which is supplied and a headset connected to the PC. You must also have a control software eg. HamRadioDeLuxe to control the radio. The Remoterig PC-client handles the audio and data transfers between the PC and the RRC-1258MkII at the radio QTH. When installed the PC-Client presents 3 virtual comports which can all be used in the same way as in the hardware based system.