2023-November: Met with YG9CZJ in Bali, Indonesia

2023-October: Met with Hugh/9V1SA and John/9V1VV in Singapore

2023-July: World Radiosport Team Championships, Bologna, Italy (WRTC  2022)

2023-May: Dayton Hamvention, Ohio

2019-September: FOC Dinner (Guildford,UK)

2019-July: Cyprus

2019-June: Friedrichshafen

2019-April: Visalia DX Convention 

2018-July: Operated G2F in the IOTA Contest

2018-July: WRTC, Wittenburg, Germany

2018-April: Visalia DX Convention 

2018-April: Visit to 8-square 160m station in Arizona

2018- April: Phoenix, Arizona - Arizona Outlaws Contest Group

2017-April: Italian hams visit Surrey

2016-October: Presentation to the Central Arizona DX Association (Phoenix, AZ)

2016-July:  Visit by 3V8SS / KF5EYY

2016-July: Operated G2F in the IOTA Contest

2016-October: DXFC trip to Latvia and Lithuania with G3SXW, G8DX and K4UEE

2015-August: Visit by Dennis, K2SX

2015-July: IARU Contest, GR2HQ

2015-April: Visalia DX Convention

2014-October: RSGB Convention

2014-July: IARU Contest, GR2HQ

2014-January: An evening with G3SXW and G3SVK

2013-July: IARU Contest, GR2HQ

2013-July: Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen

2013-April: Recognition by DX University

2013-April: Remote Presentation to the South Eastern DX Club (USA) (DX'ing From Europe presentation)

2013-January: A ski day with N0KE and KR7C in Aspen, Colorado

2012-July: London Olympics Special Event Station 2012L

2012-April: Visalia DX Convention

2010-July: IARU Contest, GR2HQ

2010-July: Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen

2011-July: IARU Contest, GR2HQ

2009-July: Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen

2008: Milan DX Convention

2008-July: IARU Contest, GB7HQ

2008-July: Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen

2007-July: Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen

2006-July: IARU Contest, GB5HQ

2005: Finish DX Convention via Estonia, Finland and Sweden

2004: Meeting SU9BN in Dahab, Egypt