National Field Day 2013

In preparation for the main event, the Radio GaGa team met up on a sunny Bank Holiday weekend in May to practice raising a 50ft antenna mast with the ‘Falling Derrick’ technique. Fortunately team member Tony/G0OPB is well practiced at this method of antenna mast erection and was able to guide us through the day with no mishap. Team: Stan/G0KBL, Tony/G0OPB, David/G4ERW, John/G4IRN.

David and Stan tentatively start pulling on the Derrick”s pulley.


Tony/G0OPB explaining that the guys must be moved from the Derrick to the guy stake.

This year the team entered the new ‘Restricted – Complex Antenna’ section and used two Elecraft K2 radios with lockouts to prevent them both transmitting at the same time. Together with some antenna and filtering wizardry, we were able to ‘simultaneously’ operate two bands with no interference.