National Field Day 2016

Our usual National Field Day effort as G4IRN/p – this year with a team of four, three of whom operated in the restricted section (100 watts) with ‘complex’ antenna arrangement. Our regular team member Tony/G2NF couldn’t take part this year due to work commitments, but thankfully we managed to survive without his usual technical contribution, particularly around getting 72ft of aluminium poles into the air, antenna selection and filtering.

Of course, we still had issues – we couldn’t get the remote skimmer station station to communicate over the WiFi network and we simply didn’t have enough time to sort it out. This certainly reduced the QSO total by a significant amount.

The team consisted of: Stan G0KBL (non-operator), Mike G3WPH, David G4ERW and John G4IRN.

Antenna mast goes up

The ‘Falling Derrick’ mast arrangement

Stan G0KBL

The kitchen

Link to the remote skimmer station

The power factory

David G4ERW and Mike G3WPH

John G4IRN and Mike G3WPH